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Cutwork Didn’t Cut It

Cutwork, after

Cutwork, before

I’ve always liked vintage cutwork doilies and table runners—you know, the kind with small sections of fabric removed and umpteen neat buttonhole stitches around the cut edges. Usually made of sturdy linen, these table linens survive repeated washings, becoming softer in the process.

The ones I bought were an unusual shape, more suited to covering the arms of a stuffed chair than as doilies or placemats. The ecru linen and beige embroidery were sound, with no holes. Still, they had numerous stains that made me, shall we say, not exactly eager to use or even sell them.”

I mixed up a batch of Mama’s Miracle Linen Soak and put one of the pieces in the pot of near-boiling stain remover right before I went to bed. In the morning, I rinsed the piece in the kitchen sink. The stains were completely gone and the fabric ironed beautifully. Behold the result!

Valerie Stark, co-founder and CEO of friendship and dating app Huggle

Cutwork, after

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