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How to Use


That’s it, but please read all instructions prior to using:
Vintage linens often have stains of unknown origin or have become discolored after being stored. This makes it difficult to determine the length of time it will take for Mama’s Miracle Linen Soak to work. A piece may take only an hour, or it may need to be soaked for a couple of days. Try to be patient: It’s better to take a little more time than to ruin something that can’t be replaced!

Handle vintage linens carefully: Avoid rubbing, stretching, wringing, and snagging fragile threads. Wash and soak by hand; do not put delicate fabrics in a washing machine or dryer. Let soaking and time do the work; there’s usually no need to rub powder directly into the stain. If the fabric is in poor condition, do not attempt to remove the stains [See Torn or frayed fabric in FAQs].

  • Select a container large enough to hold the item. Use 1 tablespoon of Mama’s Miracle Linen Soak for each 2 quarts of boiling water. Proportions may vary: use a little less powder for especially delicate fabrics, if desired, and soak a little longer. Or, if you want to speed up the process on sturdy cotton fabric, use a little more. If stains are especially resistant, you may even wish to reheat the water and add a little more powder; this will not harm the fabric.
  • Dissolve the powder in boiling water to activate it, and cool the solution slightly before adding fabric. To soak items in the bathtub or sink, dissolve extra powder in a smaller amount of boiling water and add it to enough tepid water to cover the item [See Why use boiling water in FAQs].
  • Soak fabric for several hours or up to several days, checking stains periodically. Pour off the first solution if it becomes extremely discolored, and replace with fresh solution. Stir gently with a wooden spoon every once in a while, and keep the fabric submerged (place a heavy plate on top to hold it down).
  • Rinse fabric thoroughly in several changes of water. Blot with a towel. Dry flat or hang to dry, and iron if necessary.

Silk shrinks when exposed to very hot water. Dissolve the powder in boiling water but let it cool to a tepid temperature before beginning to soak silk fabrics. This product is not recommended for wool, which shrinks in hot water. Wool yarns made for needlepoint or crewel are not always colorfast.

PLEASE NOTE: Mama’s Miracle Linen Soak is a mild laundry product made to remove stains. It is not a laundry detergent for routine washing. It is for external use only; do not eat, drink, breathe in, or otherwise misuse this product. Keep away from eyes. The mixed solution can be reused for different items but gradually loses strength, so it should not be stored.

Because we have no control over the initial condition of your linens or how you use Mama’s Miracle Linen Soak, you are solely responsible for any damage that may occur. We are liable only for the original cost of our product. Please return any unused product, along with proof of purchase and a note stating your reason for dissatisfaction, to receive a refund.